Good luck with your move! And a belated thanks for the follow-back. (Internet vocabulary has always been such a surreal thing to me. Weird place, the internet) I've really enjoyed your posts and appreciate you sharing images from your world. Can't wait to see how you interpret your new abode. Adventures!

Thank you : ) I’m about to go do a very grown up thing I’ve never done before and rent a uhaul trailer this morning! I just hope we can get it together to actually drive away from here intact and with all our crap and our dogs and cat haha, starting to seem doable somehow. I’m glad you like my tumblr, I look at yours a lot as well. Hope you have a good day!

I wish I could be making a quilt instead of work sewing and packing. I think I’m going to promise myself to take the month of August off from sewing anything I don’t want to.

Leaving here in three days doesn’t seem real yet.

Sweetest girl in all the world

We are probably moving to savannah in about a week. It’s funny how this makes me feel like all these other changes are suddenly possible. Moving to me comes with the beginning of being healthier, seeing clearer, a clean slate. New thrift store dishes and new rooms to fill with things I’m going to be more careful about acquiring. I feel older and I’m going to embrace it this time instead of trying to hold onto something that’s not there anymore in me.